ASK! is our weekly web series where Pastor Jamie answer different questions people have about the Bible, Faith, Christian Living, etc… Check out some of our Episodes below and enjoy.

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This week on #ASK! we talk why was Jesus baptized, the 2nd Commandment, and a tip from Pastor Jamie. Check it out!

This week on #ASK! we talk how do we know the Bible is accurate, rules for the Levitical Priests, and how to get involved in church if you are an introvert. Check it out!

This week on #ASK! we talk angry bosses, where did Lazurus go before Jesus rose him from the dead, and what the Disciples preached when Jesus sent them out. Check it out!

This week on #ASK! we talk the Christmas Star, should Christians read non-christian literature, and how to best monitor your child online. Check it out!

We're back!!! This week on #ASK! we talk when should Christians get married, Knowledge vs Wisdom in the Bible, and Pastor Jamie gives some tips for reading your Bible in the new year. Check it out!